Thu, October 28th 2004 @ 10:46 AM – An important capital sin to be aware of Steve Jobs...
iPod Photo

Now this is just being greedy... they just release the new generation iPod a few months ago and ALREADY they're releasing a new version, with increased capacity (40GB and 60GB)? I pity the early adopters, who are addicted to buying the newest gadgets. Usually, I'm a fan of the new iPod releases, but this is just too much. Sure it looks great (who wouldn't want a colored screen?), but I have a feeling Apple is now milking too much out of the iPod thing. At least give us a longer delay before you churn another one out. Work on your other products!!

EDIT: 11/1/2004
After reading an article from an Australian newspaper, they also mentioned reasons for the iPod photo not being successful: no built-in camera! This would definitely be a very cool addition, and if I were to buy a new iPod, I would wait till this was implemented (if ever).
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A student-run organization promoting Filipino culture at Northwestern University. My closest friends are in Kaibigan (which means 'friend' in Tagalog).
Probably your No. 1 resource in looking up Bible passages in the umpteen number of editions that exist of The Bible.

<em>The Exorcist</em> in 30 seconds (with bunnies)
The Exorcist in 30 seconds (with bunnies)
Need to see the original before watching Exorcist: The Beginning, but don't have the time? See this instead! Hahaha...

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